utica lactation consultant

Oferuje wirtualne wizyty laktacyjne dla polskich matek w USA i na całym świecie. Sprawdź czy kwalifikujesz się na bezpłatne wizyty na ubezpieczenie w USA.

Cześć, jestem Ania

Jestem pielęgniarką i certyfikowaną konsultantantką laktacji (IBCLC) z ponad 10-letnim doświadczeniem we wspieraniu rodziców w karmieniu niemowląt.

Moją misją jest pomóc Ci poznać przyczyny twoich trudności i wspólnie znaleźć plan który pomoże Ci je przezwyciężyć i karmić dziecko z większym komfortem. Chce pomóc Ci odnaleść pewność siebie jako mama.

To tylko niektóre problemy
z którymi mogę Ci pomóc

  • Karmienie bliźniąt
  • Karmienie wcześniaka
  • Karmienie dziecka niepełnosprawnego
  • Hipoplazia gruczołu piersiowego
  • Refluks
  • Odciąganie mleka w pracy
    Ekskluzywne odciąganie
  • Diety eliminacyjne i alergie pokarmowe
  • Odmowy kamienia piersią i butelka/awersje
    Odciąganie pompą/dobieranie lejków
  • Ból sutków
  • Popękane sutki
  • Problemy z przystawieniem/uchwyceniem brodawki
  • Ocena i habilitacja wędzidełka
  • Zatkane kanaliki mleczne i zastoje
  • Niska produkcja mleka
  • Słabe przyrosty masy ciała
  • Relactation and adoptive Breastfeeding/chest feeding
  • Karmienie w czasie choroby mamy lub dziecka

Karty podarunkowe

Czy szukasz pomysłu na doskonały prezent dla nowej mamy? Czy ktoś z Twoich bliskich karmi piersią lub planuje rozpocząć karmienie i potrzebuje wsparcia? Podaruj im czas a doradcą laktacji, virtualną konsultacje lub kurs karmienia dla matek w ciąży. Wybierz wysokość podarunku od $25 do $500.

Opinie moich klijentów

Ania is one of the most caring and supportive people in the healthcare industry that I’ve ever met. Were it not for her encouragement and support, I don’t think that I would have successfully breastfed my son through a lengthy NICU stay – and still be going strong 6 months later. She is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate, and has helped to make me feel confident in my abilities to breastfeed my son

Sarah Starring

Ania was beyond professional and knowledgeable. She went above and beyond to provide suggestions both prior and after our initial meeting. It was super convenient to have her come to my own home and see me in my environment. I felt that the initial evaluation was very complete and all of my questions/concerns were answered. I highly recommend Anna for anyone that is even remotely struggling with BF. For something so natural, it is not always easy and it is such a comfort to have such a great support.

Andrea O

I don’t think I would have been able to breastfeed if it wasn’t for Ania. I am still going strong 8 months later. Anna was VERY helpful and knowledgeable when we were in the hospital! She encouraged me to never give up, never pushed me and always offered to come back and give me time if needed. I was in the hospital for 10 days… longer than most new moms and she was there everyday she worked and helped me. She could have stopped after a few days since normal people are discharged home but she spent endless hours with me!

Meg Lamanna

I have sought breastfeeding help from Ania with 3 of my children. Each time the care has been compassionate, professional and supportive. She has helped me with my babies having tongue and lip restrictions, dairy intolerances and tandem nursing. She is a treasure for the nursing mothers of the mohawk valley area

Amanda Agata

Ania is the most supportive, caring and genuine lady out there. I truly believe without her my breastfeeding journey wouldnt have happened. Through every struggle (tounge and lip tie, NICU, jaundice, low blood sugars, nipple pain) my son and I had Ania was there for us to answer questions, provide support. Anytime I needed help she was there for us even after leaving the hospital. We have been breastfeeding almost 6 months now and I love every minute of it. I am so glad I had the honor of working with such an amazing lactation consultant.

Erica Lynn Difondi

Outstanding professionalism, timely feedback and checking in. Ania gave just the right amount of information and web-site resource connections without it feeling overwhelming, and as such, progress was not only likely but achievable! I would recommend and have been recommending Ania to mothers in my community! I also appreciated how sincerely humane Ania was after our appointment by authentically telling me good job (sometimes we need that encouragement).

Cat Wright

I had so many issues when it came to breastfeeding! My son had a bad latch to start with and I wasn't able to get a lot of time with the lactation consultant in the hospital. He was extremely frustrated and refusing the breast. So he became jaundice. Then he got thrush. I met with Anna and she helped me so much! She listened to our concerns and gave us ideas and suggestions to try. She thought my son was tongue tied and after seeing a doctor she recommended, he had revisions done to the upper lip and tongue. All of which the pediatricians missed. Now he's getting better at nursing and we are on way to exclusively breastfeeding. Anna has been so helpful and quick to respond to any questions. I wouldn't be breastfeeding today without the support of Anna!

Kelsie Osenbach

If you are a breastfeeding mom, call Anna immediately! Anna came to our house when our baby was 3 days old. She gave me so many helpful tips, making a first-time mother that much more confident. Anna respected my opinions and choices. My baby is now 14 weeks old and this past week I had to call her for help with mastitis and multiple clogged milk ducts. I was in pain and very frustrated. Anna offered advice over the phone and after I requested to see her in person, she was able to see me the next day. Anna helped me clear the clogged ducts and I felt instant relief. In addition, Anna provided me with multiple strategies to carryover at home to avoid future difficulty. She is so patient and I felt instantly comfortable with her!!

Rachel Riolo

Ania is amazing! She helped us get through so many obstacles early on including a lip and tongue tie, small mouth, shallow latch, mastitis, and major nipple trauma. She is incredibly patient and a great listener who empathizes with you and provides helpful solutions. Ania is an outstanding resource to moms in our area. She is kind, nurturing, and non judgmental. My kids even warmed up to her right away. We are going strong breastfeeding at almost 11m and we wouldn’t be here without Ania. I am so grateful!

Chelsea S