Initial Visit

Typically ranges 1.5-2 hours at My office client home or telehealth

A typical consultation includes:

  • Complete intake of health history completed by you prior to the visit
  • Observation of a feed
    Assessment of the feeding issues
  • An oral exam and suckling functional assessment of your child
  • Discussion of any concerns and questions
  • Individualized care plan to address your concerns
  • Physician report
  • Referrals if needed to local care providers

You can contact me via secured messaging system or email for two weeks following my visit in regards to your care plan.

Pumping Intensive Consultation

Typically ranges 1-1.5 hours at my office client home or telehealth

Do you have questions about pumping? Are you unsure what flanges to use and how to use your pump in the most efficient way? Do you feel discomfort while pumping? I can answer your questions and help you make pumping “suck less” with professional flange fitting and pump trial. If you are planning to purchase wearable pumps like Elvie or Willow you can try them before purchasing to ensure you’ll be satisfied. Hospital grade medela symphony is available for renting to established clients.

Follow Up Visit

Typically ranges 1 - 1.5 hours At my office, client home or Virtual

A typical consultation include:

  • Intake prior to consult
  • Observation of a feed
  • Discuss concerns and questions
  • An oral exam of the baby
  • Revised care plan based on the current situation
  • Physician report
  • Referrals (if needed) to local care providers

You can contact me via secured messaging system or email for two weeks following my visit in regards to your care plan

Bottle Feeding Difficulty Consultation

Typically ranges 1-1.5 hours at my office client home or telehealth

Does your baby have difficulties with bottle feeding or refuse to take a bottle? Are you trying to introduce bottle feeding to your baby so you can return to work or be able to get away for a while? Do you wonder how to combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding and how much milk you should feed your baby? This is the consultation for you. Together we will develop an individualized plan to meet your and your baby’s needs.

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

Typically ranges 1 - 1.5 hours at my office client home or Virtual

During this visit we will discuss:

  • Your feeding goals
  • Family health history
  • Any anatomical issues, and how they may impact your lactation experience
  • How your birth can affect lactation
  • How to create a lactation friendly birth plan AND how to keep moving towards your lactation goals even if birth doesn’t go according to plan
  • How to tell if your baby is getting enough milk
  • How to establish a healthy milk supply
  • How partners and other support people can be key players in setting and helping you reach your goals
  • How to avoid common obstacles
  • What resources are available in the community
  • When to reach out for additional help
  • What do you need to know about pumping and returning to work

I will travel to your home in the Mohawk Valley or See You In My Office

We are now offering visits in our new office conveniently located at 2200 Genesee St. Suite 4 across the street from St. Elizabeth Hospital in Utica.

You still have an option to work with me in the comfort of your home if you live within 25 minutes driving distance from New Hartford. A travel fee will be applied to your visit.

up to 10 miles $30

10-25 miles $60

 We can also schedule a tele-health visit if that is what you prefer.

Every family has different needs, during our time together we will focus on questions and concerns that are the most important to you. You will have my support through secure text and email to discuss the care plan we developed together for two weeks following consultation. Please keep in mind breastfeeding concerns are often complex and may require multiple visits to achieve your desired outcomes.

COVID-19 Safety Measures

As the Coronavirus crisis continues around the world, babies are still being born every day and more and more families may need the support of a Mother-Baby Nurse or a Lactation Consultant. As a nurse, I have worked a lot with babies in the NICU – those most vulnerable to infections. Your baby’s health & well being, as well as yours, is my top priority. This is what I do to ensure the safety of your Family during a home visit:

Prior to the Visit

  1. I screen all my patients for symptoms of respiratory infection a day before the visit via online questionnaire. In case of a confirmation of possible symptoms of a respiratory infection, a virtual visit will be offered instead via a HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform.
  2. I thoroughly clean and disinfect all my supplies using EPA-registered and CDC approved disinfectants before every visit. I also disinfect my charting tablet and my phone before and after each visit using alcohol wipes.

During the visit

  1. Upon arrival, I always clean my hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  2. I will wear a face mask during our visit, I also require everyone who will be present during the consult to wear face mask, excluding Children under 3 years old.
  3. Throughout the visit, I use gloves every time I touch you and your baby. 
  4. When weighing your baby, I will use a disposable chux pad to place on the disinfected scale. You can use your own receiving blanket, if preferred.

Having a baby is an enormous responsibility. Protecting these most vulnerable members of our community should be of the utmost importance.  With the proper precautions, we can all ensure they stay safe and healthy.

What My Clients Say About Me

I am beyond thankful for the recommendation to reach out to Ania at Mohawk Valley Lactation when being discharged from the hospital following the birth of my daughter. She responded immediately and offered helpful tips and much needed support and positive affirmations. I was able to meet with her one-on-one in my home which provided the support I needed and hands on tips that left me feeling confident on my journey to breastfeed. She has followed up and continues to offer support via Susie’s Breastfeeding Cafe! I am beyond thankful for the confidence I have gained and the success I continue to witness as my daughter thrives and grows! Thank you Ania!!

Maureen Petrie

Hi Ania! My Sophie is almost ten months old now. Can you believe it?! And thanks to you, we are still breastfeeding :):):) You have made a world of difference in my mothering as a whole. When you told me "just enjoy her," it's like a light went on in me and I followed suit. I have truly enjoyed every day of her life. This is a 180 from my first experience - I wish I knew you then! 🙂

Caryn Snitchler

I just wanna give a huge shout out to Anna! I always knew I wanted to breastfeed, but I never thought I would be able to because of my struggle with PCOS. (It took us a year and a half to conceive). Then my little man decided he wanted to come early. He was born at 34 weeks and weighed 4 lbs 6 oz. I then really doubted we would be successful breastfeeding. Little man came out ready to eat, this was my first baby, and I had no idea what to do. Anna was a life saver! My supply wasn't in at first so we used the SNS, then the next day we were able to use just the nipple shield, and then a day or so after that little man was latching all by himself and my supply was coming in! My little man was a champ! After 10 days in the special care my little man came home. And has been home for a week and a half. He is almost 3 weeks old and gaining weight steadily. He is up to 5 lbs 1 oz. We are still going with breastfeeding and plan to keep it that way! I can't thank Ania enough for her help and making my dream come true with breastfeeding.

Stephanie Quesnell