Ania Mroczek, RN, IBCLC

Founder of Mohawk Valley Lactation

Hello there, 

I’m Ania,

Many new parents come in to work with me during the most vulnerable time of their lives as they welcome their first baby. As a mother of four children, ranging from 17 months to 17 years, and an experienced RN, I understand the intense feelings societal pressures and hormonal shifts that make the postpartum period both confusing and challenging.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by conflicting advice, confused about what’s normal and expected vs what is not or disconnected from well-meaning family members offering unsolicited advice, you’re not alone. My services are designed with you and your experiences in mind because I believe every parent deserves an unbiased, compassionate expert support to navigate their feeding journey and I would be honored to support you.


Registered Nurse
Bachelor of Science


5 Years Maternity/L@D/Nursery
4 Years Lactation Consultant in Upstate Family Birth Center
3 Year Lactation Program Coordination MVHS
8 years  Lactation Private Practice

Volunteer survices

Mohawk Valley Breastfeeding Network

Breastfeeding Cafe

Profesional Speaking

Utica, NY
Syracuse, NY
Kraków, Poland